[lug] Strange network happenings

Calvin Dodge caldodge at fpcc.net
Mon Mar 13 18:24:22 MST 2000

David Morris wrote:
> I have a RedHat LINUX box running the 2.2.5-15 kernel that acts as a
> firewall/ip masq gateway to the internet for intself and a Win95 computer
> (for games).  Like it or not (usually not!) I need to access the web
> and a few other internet resources from the Win95 computer.  For the most
> part, everything works wonderfully, except that there are some web pages

Only some, not all?

It should forward all, or none.

That _is_ a strange problem.

Does your choice of browser (Netscape, IE (boo ... hiss), Opera) affect this?

FWIW, my mother's computer has a problem loading some web pages with Netscape,
while my dad's computer has no problem at all with the same pages.  They both
connect via a Linux firewall/ip masq gateway to the Internet - with the same
settings.  In such a case the only thing I can think of is that Mom's Windows
box has some incompatible DLL, since the network settings are identical.

That's why I suggest trying a different browser.


Calvin Dodge
Certified Linux Bigot

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