[lug] PCIMCA Modem Cards

Michael Pedersen marvin at netinfra.net
Mon Mar 13 15:28:31 MST 2000

John Edwards wrote:
>         The main question is, will Linux be able to make use of the PCIMCA modem
> card?  I know there has been some work done with these (and, to be honest,
> I haven't tried to connect with my own laptop yet), but I haven't heard if
> it was necessary to have windows to use them.

That is a question which is very difficult to answer.  If he's had the
modem for a year, and if the modem is not a WinModem (yes, you can get
PCMCIA WinModems), then most likely, yes.  But that is no guarantee.

I would recommend a search on www.google.com with keywords: pcmcia modem
linux <modem manufacturer> <modem model number>

to find out if that modem will work.

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