[lug] Xemacs programming modes

KELLEY SCOTT T kelleys at ucsu.Colorado.EDU
Tue Mar 14 10:02:30 MST 2000

I was wondering is someone could help me out with "upgrading" my Xemacs. I
downloaded and installed Xemacs recently but discovered that it didn't
have many of the programming modes that I wanted such as C++ and python. 
I've tried several ways to get these modes and get them working, but
nothing seems to work for me. Could anyone out there help me get new
programming modes working with Xemacs? Your assistance would be greatly

THanks in advance! -Scott

Scott T. Kelley, Ph.D.			E-mail: Scott.Kelley at Colorado.edu
Dept. MCD Biology			Phone : 303-735-1808
Campus Box 347				Fax   : 303-492-7744
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO  80309-0347

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