[lug] BLUG Presence at the CLIQ

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Wed Mar 15 17:04:44 MST 2000

Thus spoke Wayde Allen
> I have the following people to man the BLUG booth at the CLIQ expo on
> April 1, 2000.
>    Wayde Allen
>    Scott Burks
>    Kyle Moore
>    Ferdinand Schmid

Terrific!  I'm glad BLUG wil be there!

> Ferdinand is planning on bringing some machines to show off samba, www,
> ftp, e-mail, a hub, and a Windows client.  I think I can bring my laptop
> along, and show a few other items as needed.  The Vmware people have
> contacted me, and I'll touch base with them today about possibly showing
> off their product.  Unfortunately, I haven't heard from anyone wanting to
> show off GIS/GRASS.  I'll keep asking around. 
> Anyway, we'll be there.  What exactly will we need to bring, and/or do to
> setup the booth?

You'll get a single network drop and 4 outlets for each booth.  If you need
two network drops, let me know.  Also, please check the Exhibitor
Information page (http://thecliq.org/exhibitor-info.html), about half way down
there is a link for "Exhibit Floor Network Details."  This will tell you
what you get with the internet access and what you'll need to provide.
You'll want to bring all your own local network equipment (ie to set up a
little lan of your own).

There will be two tables (at least) and 4 chairs (at least) in the booth.
I'll let Jeff Cann determine which LUG gets which booth.  

BTW, if all the LUGs show up, we'll expand the area that the LUGs get by
giving them some of the booths directly across from the existing booth.

Let me know if you have any further questions!
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