[lug] KRUD Feb 28th distribution

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If you edit /etc/profile and remove the "INPUTRC=*" line, then log out and
log back in you'll be set.

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Hey Kevin - I loaded KRUD on a new box and installed my normal login
.bashrc.  In that file I run "set -o vi".  On Red Hat 5.2 this works as
expected - line editing mode is set to vi.  On the Krud box, this doesn't
work.  If I take it out of the .bashrc and type it on the command line, it
*does* work.  For some reason, I can't run this from within the .bashrc
file on KRUD.  Both the KRUD box and RH5.2 are running bash 1.14.7.  Any
ideas what might be preventing "set -o vi" from working within the .bashrc?
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