[lug] perl/Tk question

arnie asherman1 at uswest.net
Fri Mar 17 19:28:13 MST 2000

Tkil wrote:

> >>>>> "arnie" == arnie  <asherman1 at uswest.net> writes:
> arnie> When I did i /Bundle.Tk/ it only finds one file, which appears
> arnie> to be for OS2:
> probably because "." matches only one character.  "install Bundle::Tk"
> should Just Work.
> and it will be much more reliable than using an RPM for a module.
> from the errors you report in your second post, it looks like the perl
> built on your system was built with threads; ick!  anyway, you might
> stand a chance if you build Tk yourself (it should, as stated, "just
> work" if you compile it from within CPAN::shell, or with "perl
> Makefile.PL" etc.  but threads are still experimental; naughty of
> caldera to ship with that as the "production" perl...)
> t.

Well, at this point, what I have done is found a package
(NI-S/Tk800.018.tar.gz) using i /Bundle::Tk/, and installed it. The shell
would not complete the install however, as there were many errors in the
tests. Unfortunalely I did not save the text of those errors. Anyway,  I
decided to uninstall every bit of perl I could fing on the system, as I
was affraid that my setup would be, shall we say, less than pristine
after installing and uninstalling rpm and making and removing the tarfile
several times each. I also deleted the ~root/.cpan directory and
contents. I then reinstalled the perl .rpm from the Caldera CD and
started perl in the CPAN shell mode. It prompted me for all of the
configurations, but then hangs when it gets to the lines:

commit: wrote /usr/lib/perl5/5.00502/CPAN/Config.pm
cpan shell -- CPAN exploration and modules installation (v1.3901)
ReadLine support suppressed

I checked with top, and with ps, and no additional time was going into
the perl process. As you suggest, the version of perl I have from Caldera
was built with threads. Should I look for another build of perl? If so,
which one? Or should I try to compile perl from source? Again, any
suggestions as to what tarfile would work best? I'd really, really like
to get this set up and working with perl/Tk.

As an aside, the way this shell mode installs and builds the module seems
very nice and automatic. If only I can get the proper setup together...
arnie sherman
frenomulax at bigfoot.com

"Paradise is exactly like where you are right now,
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