[lug] network problem revisited

Ed Preble preble at yogi.nmmi.cc.nm.us
Mon Mar 27 15:22:09 MST 2000

Thanks for the suggestions.  Tried pump and no change, also tried to find
the other dhcpcd program - no luck on this version of RedHat.

So, went back to square one - and zero'd everything out.
Went in using gnome - linuxconf and did the following
a. entered hostname - here A014444.nmmi.cc.nm.us
b. entered second part - card is enabled, manual and entered the 10 address
assigned to this machine. irq is 10, device is eth0 (manual not dhcp)
c. as a 10 address - put in netmask of - but under
sbin/route -n it comes back as
d. under resolver configuration - entered default domain nmmi.cc.nm.us -
doesn't want to stay here but I keep entering it.  Nameserver is the primary
given me for the 10 series of addresses.
e. default gateway entered the one given

saved changes - no errors
rebooted - now under dmesg - card comes up with correct address, but also
get one line message
"IP-Config: incomplete IP configuration information"


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