[lug] X screen resolutions?

Tkil tkil at scrye.com
Mon Mar 27 19:12:22 MST 2000

the 1280x1024 "hardware scrolling" is an XFree86 "feature".  it
creates a virtual desktop the size of the largest valid mode, and all
the smaller modes just pan-and-scan within it.

i don't know of any way to tell it to resize virtual desktop "on the
fly" as you change resolutions.  i suspect that few X clients could
handle it gracefully, anyway.

for a solution?  dunno; i hate the "virtual desktop" crap, so i just
run in my max res all the time.  as for gaming, i don't game, so no
joy there -- but if you have the memory, you could always run another
X server on another virtual console.


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