[lug] X screen resolutions?

Bonnell, Doug DBonnell at BreeceHill.com
Tue Mar 28 09:40:17 MST 2000


I've found a partial answer in the FAQ at the XFree86 project.
The "Screen" section of XF86Config will list the different
resolutions, something like:

	Modes    "1024x768" "640x480" "800x600" "1280x1024"

The default size of the virtual desktop is the maximum mode,
which is "1280x1024" from above. However, the virtual desktop size
can be set, something like:

	Virtual	1024 768

This causes the desktop to be sized as 1024x768. The server will not
switch ( using CRTL ALT + ) to 1280x1024. The other modes are 
switchable and will pan around in the 1024x768 desktop.

This might work OK, since I want the 1024x768 desktop, but need the
1280x1024 mode information available for the 3D card. The games
run the 3dfx card full screen, so other than getting the mode info to the
card's driver, X probably isn't involved with the game.


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> the 1280x1024 "hardware scrolling" is an XFree86 "feature".  it
> creates a virtual desktop the size of the largest valid mode, and all
> the smaller modes just pan-and-scan within it.
> i don't know of any way to tell it to resize virtual desktop "on the
> fly" as you change resolutions.  i suspect that few X clients could
> handle it gracefully, anyway.
> for a solution?  dunno; i hate the "virtual desktop" crap, so i just
> run in my max res all the time.  as for gaming, i don't game, so no
> joy there -- but if you have the memory, you could always run another
> X server on another virtual console.
> t.
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