[lug] desktops and displays

Ken Weinert kenw at ihs.com
Tue Mar 28 12:05:58 MST 2000

A question about desktops and DISPLAYs:

I use mutt as my email client. In addition, I use urlview to view
urls and such that are embedded in the mail.

I'm using enlightenment and have multiple desktops. I usually run
netscape on other than my main desktop.

The code in urlview attempts the infamous 'netscape -remote' to 
show urls. As a consequence I always get the message 'netscape
is not running on display :0.0' and then it tries to just 
invoke netscape - at which point I get the nice little dialog
box about netscape already running.

Can anyone explain in a few words what's happening here? If it's a 
long explanation and there's a ref to it someplace, posting the ref
is good enough.

Thanks for any help.

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