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JEFF PFOHL pfohl at sandia.gov
Wed Mar 29 14:24:30 MST 2000

   Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 03:28:13 -0700
   From: Carl Wagner <carl.wagner at level3.com>

   I assume that you now have
      /dev/hda  - your hard drive
      /dev/hdb  - vacant
      /dev/hdc  - CD-ROM
      /dev/hdd  - vacant


   If so just make your tape drive a slave and plug it into either cable.

THIS is what I was missing. I looked for the jumpers and couldn't find
them on the drive. So i just figured it was cable selected. Stupid
me. I went to the Seagate homepage, as you suggested, and did
RTFM. Ahhhhhhh there are the jumpers, hidden on the back. And it is
wired as master. Switch and wire it as slave. Boots just fine. I now
need to do a backup (the final test to see if it works) and restore it
into my new RH6.1 drive. FINALLY!

   You also could have left it as /dev/hdc if you added your new drive as

I did leave the CD, as /dev/hdc, alone.

   {filename}.  There may have been another editor around, but your path
   may not have been set up?

It couldn't find the libraries. Several people have suggesed fixes
which I've archived on my homepage in Computers/lilo. It includes all
the advice I received so others may access it freely.

   I have a question for you.  Did you receive the mail message that I
   sent directly to you?  If so what date and time?  Our mail server here

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