[lug] DNS Q

B. Allyn ballyn at catacom.com
Fri Mar 31 15:22:58 MST 2000

Apparently, on 3/31/00 2:58 PM, Robert L. Harris at
Robert.L.Harris at rnd-consulting.com scribbled:

> k
> ok,
> Finally got idsl.... yeah...   (Covad got it in EARLY, and around a
> number of problems, so a 2 penguins up for them)....
> At any rate, NSI finally got my DNS updated this morning.  Concentric
> claims that the reverse is pointed to my dns servers.  When i do
> an nslookup on my IP from work though, it can't find it.

I can't find it either. :)

> My DNS server is and should resolve as
> wally.rnd-consulting.com, as it does if I do a nslookup from any box
> on my network.  Forwards work just fine.  I have this in the head of
> my named.conf:
> options {
> directory "/var/named";
> allow-transfer {;; };
> };

This option is for name servers that are picking up zones from you; is
Concentric actually transferring an ARPA zone from your machine? I'd guess
that they're just hardcoding your machine name(s) into their ARPA zone file
for your IP(s)...

If they are picking up your ARPA addresses, you will see transfers being
logged in /var/log/messages. Concentric may have those transfers set to only
happen once a day (or longer), though, so it might be a case where their DNS
just hasn't picked up your zone file yet.

If they're hardcoding your entries, they haven't actually entered it, yet
(i.e. someone's lying to you), or they haven't reloaded the name server to
pick up the changes?

> Anyone have any theories/answers?
> Robert

Good luck,
B. Allyn

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