[lug] tar xvf not working?

JEFF PFOHL pfohl at sandia.gov
Fri Mar 31 20:18:01 MST 2000

Very strange. Now that my RH6.1 disk is up and running I do a tape
backup of my RH5.2 disk /usr/local and /home. Swap disks out and boot
up RH6.1.

Quickly do a

root> tar tvf /dev/ht0

Lists out all the files from /usr/local and /home BUT without the
leading /

For example


Not idea why but I'm glad to see all the files there.


root> cd /home
root> tar xvf /dev/ht0 home

starts listing out all the home/* files so I assume it is
working. After it is done I check the directories and none of them
were created and none of the files are there. 

WHY does it not restore my files from tape?? And why does it archive
to tape without the leading / ? 


PS I tried a

root> tar xvf /dev/ht0 /home 

but got the error:

tar: /home: Not found in archive
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors

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