[lug] Another DNS Q.

Manse Jacobi jacobi at freespeech.org
Sun Apr 2 21:33:31 MDT 2000

i am webkeeper for freespeech.org.  if you do a whois, you'll get
fs.freespeech.org as the primary dns.  if you do a nslookup on, let's say,
beta.freespeech.org, you'll get a lookup failure.  if you set the dns server
to be fs.freespeech.org, you'll get a proper resolve.

it seems like updating my dns doesn't propagate, and i think it is due to
some authority issue (not very familiar with dns soa).  i've email our isp
about this, but haven't gotten a reponse yet.  can anyone give me a pointer
on this?

thanks in advance!


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