[lug] Re: Perl question Apology

Bob Collins bcollins at csd.net
Sun Apr 2 21:21:37 MDT 2000

To all who posted answers to my Perl Question, my apology.  

The problem I had with Perl was my assuming that a renaming program in
it's simplist form would rename "oldfn" to "newfn".  Some of you
understood the code and tried to gently point this out to me, but
sometimes, with me at least, it takes a good smack with a 2x4.

My changing a line of code did produce the ability to rename "oldfn" to
"newfn", but destroyed the ability to do all the other neat things.

Sorry I didn't get this off sooner, but I was hoping I could come up
with an explanation that didn't make me look quite so stupid.  No such

Thanks again for your help.

Bob Collins
                         Mailto:bcollins at csd.net

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