[lug] shutdown -h now

Gary Hodges hodges at srrb.noaa.gov
Mon Apr 3 12:05:28 MDT 2000

I recently installed a new motherboard (Tyan S1598).  When I run the
command "shutdown -h now" I get a severe looking error.  At least it looks
bad to me.  I hand copied some of it from the screen.  There lots of
hexidecimal numbers (address locations?) that I didn't copy down, just
imagine that when you see one below, there were likely several others... 

code:<1> Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 00008895
Oops: 0000
CPU:  0
EIP: 0010: [<010a12d>]
Process halt (pid: 9948, process nr: 15, stackpage=c3965000)
Stack: feeldead [<xxxxxxxxx>]
CallTrace: [<xxxxxxxxx>]
Code: 8a 04 0b 89...

"shutdown -r now" works just fine, so I'm guessing that I have an issue 
with how I have APM configured in the kernel (Power Off on Shutdown) 
only, and they way I have Power Management in the BIOS configured.  I 
tried turning off apmd, but I still get the same error(s).  Other than 
this, everything seems to be working fine.  When I look in the logs, it 
appears that it shut down normally.


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