[lug] shutdown -h now

Michael Pedersen marvin at netinfra.net
Mon Apr 3 14:44:16 MDT 2000

John Edwards wrote:
> >> I recently installed a new motherboard (Tyan S1598).  When I run the
> >> command "shutdown -h now" I get a severe looking error.  At least it looks
> >FWIW, I have exactly the same behavior on a Tyan S1592 with an AMD K6-2 333.
> >(running RH 6.1 - I haven't tried it since installing 6.2 last night).

>From what I've seen of this error, it usually looks like MD5 being
stopped. If you look at the top of the error, and go up a line or two,
you'll see a message saying "Power down." After that, you'll see
something about the md5 devices being shut down (after the kernel
believes everything is done). And that's when the error occurs.

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