[lug] q: sound card problem

Chan Kar Heng khchan at cyberdude.com
Tue Apr 4 10:43:01 MDT 2000

hi guyz.

i'm using alsa drivers with forte media sound card.. (fm801)
problem i'm facing is:

- oss emulation doesn't work.
  - volume meter and other utils shows signs of life, but simply no sound
    from speakers
  - cat /dev/sndstat says device not found (or something like that...)
- x11amp plays a song correctly (sound came out from speakers) but
  hangs the *whole* machine as soon as the audio stream finishes
- pnpdump can't find any isapnp card

i've followed the alsa docs quite throughoutly.
checked the /var/log/messages file, it says can't find sound-service-0-6
but i don't see that being mentioned anywhere in the alsa docs.

btw, i'm using redhat 6.0 with sound enabled (stock).

thanks in advance.


i don't suffer from stress... i'm a carrier.

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