[lug] (Probably) Dumb Question

Jim McMaster mcmaster at sweng.stortek.com
Tue Apr 4 11:14:55 MDT 2000

I hope this is not TOO dumb, but I just got a copy of Linux Mandrake 
PowerPack, and am trying to install it in our development lab.  The install 
is not working, and I need to get support from Mandrake.  I have hit a 

I cannot contact Mandrake until I register the software...at least none of 
the email addresses on their web page have responded.  There is not phone 
number on the page.  When I try to register, they want a registration code I 
am supposed to find "in the carton."  There is nothing unique inside the box. 
 On the outside, there are two separate bar-coded labels, neither of which 
identifies itself as a registration number.  Neither one works, nor does any 
combination of them I have tried.

Is there anyone out there who has a copy of this beast who can tell me the 
magic incantation for the registration number?

Thank you...from an absolute Linux beginner.
Jim McMaster
mailto:mcmaster at sweng.stortek.com

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