[lug] vi/vim HOWTO, part 2

llornkcor ljp at llornkcor.com
Mon Apr 3 17:49:58 MDT 2000

> I second the call for an emacs HOWTO. I have used it from time to time
> but don't really know it. Basically learning it better is on the back
> burner until I have "time". Lord knows when that will be. Especially
> useful (for me at least) is any of the ways it can help
> programmers...like color-coding and auto-indentation (perl, java, C,
> C++, etc). Other things I have wondered is what makes people so looney
> about it...I would love to know the features that make people love it so
> much.
> > If someone would like to do a similar HOWTO on emacs, I'd really like
it.  Everyone talks
> > about how emacs is so good, so I'd like to learn how to use it too.
> >

Learning emacs has been a pain in the *ss!! I have used it for about 2
years, and still don't know most of the default key bindings. I like it
because of the highlighting, and programming modes. Plus, I can also use it
set up almost identically, on linux, as well as winblows.
    I have never used vi, or vim, and only because I haven't. No reason.
I don't think I know enough about emacs to write any tutorial on it.

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