[lug] Changing paths

Ken Weinert kenw at ihs.com
Tue Apr 4 13:47:36 MDT 2000

* Wayde Allen (wallen at boulder.nist.gov) [000404 13:43]:
> But wouldn't xauth only affect X-sessions?  I'm coming in to my work
> machine through the NIST modem pool, and then rlogin into my office
> machine.  Since X isn't involved I'm more inclined to think I'm seeing
> something in the login scripts somewhere.  Unfortunately I'm a very poor
> shell programer.  

	Is your id the same coming through the modem pool? I know that
here the RAS users (modem users) have a different id/entry in a 
password file. Is it possible that your dialup id is using a different
shell and so not getting the environment set up correctly?

	Feel free to add this to the WAG pool :-)

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