[lug] vi/vim HOWTO, part 2

PC Drew drewpc at colorado.edu
Tue Apr 4 14:05:29 MDT 2000

when you download vim, it comes with an example .vimrc file.  Use
that, in conjunction with "set ai" (auto indent) to do what you're
looking for.  Also, comment out the "set backup" option so that you
don't get those really anoying files with a "~" on the end.

PC Drew

Thus spake Kyle Moore on Tuesday, April 04, 2000, 1:15:12 PM:

KM> Carl, could you point me in the direction of how to do both sytax
KM> high-lighting and auto-indentation with vim? I might like to take a look
KM> at this today. I assume you can set it in the .vimrc file?

KM> Carl Wagner wrote:
>> I know the question was about emacs... but vim has color syntax high-lighting
>> (for all sorts of
>> languages) and auto indention. (and best of all multiple undo-s!!)
>> Carl.

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