[lug] ksh question

arnie asherman1 at uswest.net
Tue Apr 4 20:33:06 MDT 2000

>Gary Masters wrote:
>>On Thu Mar 30, 2000 at 07:55:16 -0700, arnie wrote:
>> Not really a linux question, but...
>> I  ksh is there a way to turn on file name completion, as with
>>csh and
>> bash?
>> thanks,
>Yes.  In vi mode <esc><\> completes a filename.

>While Tkil wrote:
>it's closer to csh's than to bash.  ksh should default to letting
>ESC complete filenames.  on the ksh that came with my redhat 6.0
>install, doing "set -o vi-esccomplete" does the trick.  there may
>better ways of doing it.  the ksh i fight with on hp-ux likes
>"esc esc" by default.

Turns out on the Solaris we use at work, hitting Esc then * does it...
found it purely by accident today... go figure...
thanks for the suggestions.

arnie sherman
frenomulax at bigfoot.com

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