[lug] CSTIE show - BLUG needs booth volunteers

Wayde Allen wallen at boulder.nist.gov
Wed Apr 5 12:48:50 MDT 2000

We will be needing volunteers to man the BLUG booth at the Computer
Technology Showcase/Internet Expo (CSTIE) show
<http://www.techshows.com/denver.htm> this coming April 26-27th.  This
will be a good chance to rub elbows with the local CIO's and buyers.
Anyone that would like to help should let me know off list.  It also
doesn't matter which LUG you typically attend.  BLUG got the booth, but
any LUG's that want to help with this are welcome.  I think this is a good
chance to show off Linux to the Colorado business community.

The one possible difficulty is the age restriction imposed by the event
managers.  They are specifically targeting the CIO and buyer market and in
order to prevent job seekers from showing up they have specified:  

   Note:  Students and persons under the age of 18 are not permitted at
          this event and will not be allowed on the floor.

I don't know if we can get this restriction waived for people working at
the booth or not, but anyone that wants to help organize and put this
together can certainly work on our side of things.

Anyone that wants to help can contact me directly.


- Wayde
  (wallen at boulder.nist.gov)

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