[lug] Free Goodie - Vacation system interface program

George Sexton gsexton at mhsoftware.com
Wed Apr 5 15:28:37 MDT 2000

I just put a new piece of Free (GPL) Software on our web site that other
users may be interested in. I wrote this to scratch an itch that I had.

Essentially, the program is designed for Windows clients of a
Linux/Samba/Email server. The program provides a GUI interface to create
.forward and .vacation.msg files used by the UNIX vacation program. A system
I administer for a non-profit wanted to be able to have vacation messages
sent while they were out of the office. I figured that teaching them how to
login to the machine, and run the vacation program to create the .forward
file, and how to use vi or emacs to edit the .vacation.msg file was kind of
out of the question. The program provides a "Wizard" format interface with
back/next buttons to create the files.

The URL is:


George Sexton
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