[lug] CSTIE show - BLUG needs booth volunteers

Wayde Allen wallen at boulder.nist.gov
Wed Apr 5 18:05:57 MDT 2000

On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, John Edwards wrote:

> At 02:46 PM 4/5/00 -0600, you wrote:
> >
> >I don't see anything stopping a PHD candidate from showing up.  Just don't
> >go as a PHD candidate looking for job leads.
> >
> 	Well, said PHD Candidate could not attend, should they be under 18 (and
> I've known one, briefly)

I don't really see much point in belaboring this item.  It is quite simply
their show, and we've been invited to participate. 

This is a high visibility event for the business community specifically
targeted at IT executives and buyers.  To give you an idea of what is
going on here, the Colorado Secretary of Technology
<http://www.state.co.us/govoit/sectech.htm> will be there to talk about
Governor Owen's Initiative on Technology.  To see what other items will be
discussed, check out http://www.techshows.com/Denver/denver-seminars.htm. 
As you can see, this show is about the "business" of IT technology, and
less about the technology itself.
It has often been lamented on this list and elsewhere, that although the
technical crowd likes to run Linux, it is hard to get it deployed at the
enterprise level because Linux simply isn't on the radar screen of the IT
executives and buyers.  The whole point of us being there is to make Linux
visible to these people.  I'm hoping that we can do this without spending
our time bickering about the fact that the business community has this or
that "silly rule".  Quite frankly the business community has LOTS of silly
rules.  I can't change that, but maybe, with your help, we can show these
people that Linux is a serious contender in the business world.

Right now, Ferdinand Schmid, Robert Harris, and myself are the only people
committed to this project.  Ferdinand and Robert have already volunteered
to speak at the convention, and Ferdinand is working to create a
heterogenous network to show off Linux.  We could really use a few more
people to help us out here.  We'll need some people to man the booth, and
ANYONE can help us get the network running.

- Wayde
  (wallen at boulder.nist.gov)

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