[lug] clock not setting

Wayde Allen wallen at boulder.nist.gov
Thu Apr 6 15:21:13 MDT 2000

On Thu, 6 Apr 2000, Kyle Moore wrote:

> Wayde Allen wrote:
> > 
> > On Thu, 6 Apr 2000, Carl Wagner wrote:
> > 
> > > do you guys have a public NTP server at NIST?  If so what is the IP/hostname?
> > 
> > Yes, I believe there are several.  You should be able to set your system
> I heard at one time that you should only use stratum 1 servers if you
> are a server for other time services. Thus, a company that was only
> synching their internal servers and workstations should use stratum 2
> servers to sync against. These stratum 2 servers might be synching from
> the stratum 1 servers. I could be wrong but that is how I remember it.
> Stratum 2 servers are usually very reliable from my experience...and
> don't vary from the stratum 1 servers much. RFC-1305 describes
> everything about NTP you could ever want to know.

I talked with the WWV guy this morning.  The URL I provided earlier would
be his recommendation.  If you have specific questions about the NIST
internet time service you can contact Dr. Judah Levine
<jlevine at boulder.nist.gov>.  He is the person responsible for NIST's
network time servers. 

- Wayde
  (wallen at boulder.nist.gov)

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