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A fast-growing leading edge E-Commerce Corporation is in the process of
upgrading its existing E-Commerce internet site into a major world-wide
E-Commerce and Business to Business Enterprise Internet Portal.  You will be
a technical lead withing within a software development
team responsible for implementation of multi-tier system architecture under
Linux/Unix.  The main emphasis is on scalability, performance, security and
robustness in a distributed operating environment.

Company Size:  100 employees,  currently running one of the largest Linux
only e-commerce sites on the internet.
Just recently made an acquisition and looking to grow and go public in the
next year..

Check out the following articles about the Linux Revolution:

http://www.businessweek.com/2000/00_10/b3671169.htm -  Business Week  March
6, 2000

http://www.businessweek.com/bwdaily/dnflash/feb2000/sw00207.htm  - Street
Wise - February 7, 2000

http://www.businessweek.com/1999/99_46/b3655172.htm  -  November 1999..

Senior Web Application Developer -

BS or MS in CS or equivalent, minimum of 4 years software development
experience, with 2 years in PHP and /or JAVA in a web application
environment.  Must have completed one project in Enterprise Java Beans in
the last six months.  Proficiency in PHP, Java Servlets, PL/SQL+,
JDBC/Oracle, JAVA/AWT and XML is required.  Experience with implementation
of high-end E-commerce sites and working knowledge of SSL/Digital
Certificates a plus.


Implement and lead a software life cycle from needs analysis through
specification and design, coding testing and QA documentation, deployment
and maintenance.  Establish and maintain development platforms, standards
and infrastructure.

Come join us.... in the Linux Revolution.


Check out this link:

Bill McCabe
SoftNet Search Partners, LLC
9921 E. Cornell Ave.
Denver, CO 80231
303-337-6911 - phone
303-882-7697 - cellular
707-222-1488 - fax
billmccabe at uswest.net  - email

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