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I had this same problem with my AOpen MVP3 based board with an AMD K6-233 in
it.  I grabbed the latest BIOS and applied it and the problem went away.  In
their change log for the BIOS, they had an INT13 call that was just barely
sensitive enough that the new APM code in the 2.2 kernel was choking over it
(Win98 wouldn't, but Linux and Win2000 would.)  Your problem may not be
exactly the same, but some new code might fix it.

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On Mon, 3 Apr 2000, Mark Horning wrote:

> Gary Hodges wrote:
> > 
> > I recently installed a new motherboard (Tyan S1598).  When I run the
> > command "shutdown -h now" I get a severe looking error.  At least it
> > bad to me.  I hand copied some of it from the screen.  There lots of
> > hexidecimal numbers (address locations?) that I didn't copy down, just
> > imagine that when you see one below, there were likely several others...
> Have you tried turning off power management in the BIOS?

There isn't a global off setting for power management in the BIOS.  I 
have turned everything off that I could, and it still gives that error 
when shutting down.  I searched a bit at Deja since a few others on this 
list reported similar experiences, but surprisingly couldn't find this 
being discussed on any newsgroups.


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