[lug] help with a budding open source project

Justin Simoni justin at summersault.com
Fri Apr 7 14:50:28 MDT 2000

hello everyone, 

this is my first posting, so let me introduce myself, 
my name is justin simoni, 
i'm currently a freshman at CU Boulder, 
i've been to one of your meetings during the winter, 
the one on the subject of mySQl databases (its /fast/) 
i won the VA Linux T-shirt ;) 

i work at totalsite inc on pearl street 
( http://totalsite.com ) 

to help myself learn perl, (perl on pearl street, i love it) i've made a
mailing list script (talking about a mailing list script on a mailing
list.... hmmm)  most anyone can set up, the next iteration of it
is getting quite sophisticated, so much that i'm considering setting up
its own site to download the script, get support with a faq, posting
boards, and online support. all that isn't to hard for me to do, i'm a
whiz at that stuff, what i need is some support from the open source
community to get the new site afloat. 

does anyone know any good open source groups that are willing to donate
money to keep the domain up and running? i'm a dirt poor college student
and having three bills for seperate domains is a bit much for me and the
sysadmin whos been pretty patiebt with me so far ;)  having my own open
source project would really look good on a college transcript and any
resume. it would also help my freelance deign business, even tho the
script is free, other people might want to look at me for my services,

i have contacted some people already looking for support, copyleft and
nic.cx (they give away domains for open source projects) any other
resources that people know about would be super. or, if this group would
be so intuned to donate some resources to me, that would be really great,
as the project is based right in Boulder, and is surely to run on Linux ;) 

more details on the script can be found at: 

at this moment, the script is an announce only system, is totally browser
based, including admin features and can be setup changing 4 variables in
the code. the idea is that anyone can set it up that could set up a Matt's
Script Archive script and get going on their own mailing list, without
having to resort to outside list systems. Its also a great place for me to
see just what ican do with perl. 

the future version (actually the beta version now) 
has better list management features, the option to use your own template,
etc, and its just getting better.
as the script gets more sophisticated (the current stable version is not
much more than a (perl script + some interesting features) i might need
peoples help to test it on other systems, as i only have access to a free
Bsd 3.x in Indiana. 

thanks everyone. 

-justin simoni
   !skazat! => http://skazat.com

fear is an emotion there for fear can't kill you
    -andrew perez


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