[lug] O-Topic need C++ help......

John Starkey jstarkey at polaris.umuc.edu
Fri Apr 7 14:18:10 MDT 2000

Sorry about the off topic but I can't find any help. I've looked for
mailing lists specific to C++ but there are none that I can find on
several portals and liszt.

I'm doing a simple database for my fiance. I've been taking classes in
intro C++ (I've posted egcs questions here before, if anyone remembers). 

Anyway. I'm using
struct JobInfoType
char 	jobDesc[100];
char	jobRfrl[100];

int main()
	JobInfoType	info;

	GetJobInfo  		//This is in a nested if

void GetJobInfo(JobInfoType& info)
	cout	<< endl << "Enter today's date (MM DD YYYY): ";
	cin 	>> infoTodayMonth >> infoTodayDay >> infoTodayYear;
	cout 	<< endl << "Enter a short job description: ";
	cin.getline(info.jobDesc, 100, '\n');
	cout	<< endl << "Enter referral source: ";
	cin.getline(info.jobRfrl, 100, '\n');

The problem is that once compiled it will only wait for input for
info.jobRfrl. It shows cout for "Enter job description" but doesn't wait
for cin.

I've tried: several online tutorials, 2 books, 3 - 4 different variations
of the get()'s, and I've compiled it on a server in Maryland (same
response so I know it's not g++'s fault). I'm beating my brain against the
wall. I just need to accept blank spaces in some input (from cin and from

For obvious reasons I didn't include all the code, I hope this is enough.

Can anyone help me here or point me in a direction where I can find the

Many thanks, and once again sorry for the OT,


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