[lug] Will they hire you?? Was the C++ thread!!

John Starkey jstarkey at polaris.umuc.edu
Fri Apr 7 21:00:49 MDT 2000

Ok I've been wondering how to ask this on this list without being too OT.

Wondering how to go about getting into the sys admin and programming
fields without the CIS degree.

I'm moving to Boulder in June to live with my fiance. I've been working
with hi-tech boxes in many different situations (OCR, recording studios,
printing register units, etc). But never played with the guts (the
software atleast). I've also got an audio engineering degree
but got outta that field in 95 to move to my home town. But I've been into 
UNIX for about 6 months now. (Unfortunately I've been using Winbloze and
Mac for the past ten years (Oh, I tried programming my TRS-80 using
BASIC when I was 13)). I remember a little UNIX from before the web
started happening, but I was too new to have gotten my Mac Classic and the
term window to do what I wanted it to.

Anyway, I'm 30 years (and 2 weeks, so still a newbie) old. I've got a
proven work history (with some heavy hitters, in other fields). And not
afraid of homework. But I'm also not the career student type.

What gives?? Anyone with suggestions?? 

Thanks again,


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