[lug] Will they hire you?? Was the C++ thread!!

llornkcor llornkcor at llornkcor.com
Fri Apr 7 20:03:22 MDT 2000

> Wondering how to go about getting into the sys admin and programming
> fields without the CIS degree.

Good question.

> I'm moving to Boulder in June to live with my fiance. I've been working
> with hi-tech boxes in many different situations (OCR, recording studios,
> printing register units, etc). But never played with the guts (the
> software atleast). I've also got an audio engineering degree
> but got outta that field in 95 to move to my home town. But I've been into

Boulder's a good town for audio... there's tons of musicians, but also tons
of engineers.

> UNIX for about 6 months now. (Unfortunately I've been using Winbloze and
> Mac for the past ten years (Oh, I tried programming my TRS-80 using
> BASIC when I was 13)). I remember a little UNIX from before the web
> started happening, but I was too new to have gotten my Mac Classic and the
> term window to do what I wanted it to.
> Anyway, I'm 30 years (and 2 weeks, so still a newbie) old. I've got a
> proven work history (with some heavy hitters, in other fields). And not
> afraid of homework. But I'm also not the career student type.
> What gives?? Anyone with suggestions??

Start crankin' out some code...
As far as the job is concerned, I am in the same boat.


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