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Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Sat Apr 8 16:22:54 MDT 2000

I am also living proof.  My degree is in math.  A degree in general just
seems to affect which pay scale you start at in some of the larger


PC Drew wrote:
> >From my experience in the work place, you don't need a CS degree to
> get a job in the UNIX world.  You need three things:
> 1.  A piece of paper that says that you graduated from college.  A lot
> of times, this isn't even necessary.  One of the smartest people I
> know is a high school drop-out.
> 2.  The desire to learn.  If you go in to a job interview and tell
> them that you'll learn anything, and quickly, then the chances that
> you'll be offered the job are a lot higher than if you go in there and
> show off all your skills and act like you know everything.
> 3.  Experience.  That's the name of the game.  If you've only got
> experience using UNIX at home, then tell the interviewer that!  But
> also tell them about your desire to learn.
> Now, seeing as I haven't graduated yet, I'm living proof that people
> will hire non-CS degree employees in the UNIX/networking world.
> --
> PC Drew

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