[lug] Learnin Linux on yer own..... my own little RFC!!!

John Starkey jstarkey at polaris.umuc.edu
Sat Apr 8 16:22:59 MDT 2000

An idea for the group. 

How about some of you who are working in the fields, any as long as it's
linux or unix based computing, recommending the skills that you think us
wannabe's should work on obtaining in order to enter at say $35 - 40k/yr., 
which I've heard is definately possible.

Like as I've stated I wanna work on getting into the field in the next
year and I gotta teach myself for the most part. So what would you
guy/gals recommend I learn. If I had to work next to you on a project what
skills (in terms of languages and getting around the system) would you
want to see.

I've heard Python, Perl, and C++......



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