[lug] Learnin Linux on yer own..... my own little RFC!!!

John Starkey jstarkey at polaris.umuc.edu
Sat Apr 8 18:36:13 MDT 2000

Good. This makes me feel better. I've got 4 boxes at home. 1 iMac (for
art), RH6.1 box, FreeBSD, and since I suck at setting up printers I am
using the 66MHz box as a printserver and I gotta use Winbloze since I will
be using a Win-printer (although I do have a Lexmark 1000 that I can't
get working with Linux, lack of time and knowledge (for now)).

Right now I am IMAP'ing with fetchmail and sendmail (from Boulder to
Denver) with the Linux Box which
serves all my info for the FreeBSD and iMac there using a new 40 gig H/D I
installed. Most of this equipment is peacemeal. (I installed it, buying
everything separate and installing it.)

I'm serving ajstarkey.com from the linux box with apache. It's a b-day
gift for my father who is a self-employed CPA in Maryland. So it's not up

I ftp everything to/from Boulder when at my fiance's house. As well as run
an anonftp for some friends that may need things. If I haven't set up an
account for them.

I don't know the FreeBSD box too well yet. I've been installing it via FTP
through the linux box a little at a time.

And right now I am trying to master 'classes' in C++. I'm pretty damn
proficient with vi now, thanks to you, BTW (when's the advances course

I've got experience with high-end digital audio, syncronizers, processors,
OCR, etc.

So anyway. I feel much better about applying. I need to get the hell outta
my field. To dangerous. (I'm an international spy, ok... ok... , printing
press operator but it's still scary at times.)

I won't have access to any of the non-free UNIX systems though. 

Any suggestions on what positions I'd almost/qualify for. What is the
general make-up of this group?? Is it mostly home users or pros. I've been
a member for about 5 months and still haven't really gotten a feel for
that. I know there's several .gov addys on here. 

Is this too personal for the group discussion??

I'd be interested in hearing what the others on the group do and how they
got into the field, and what they need to know.


On Sat, 8 Apr 2000, PC Drew wrote:

> Learn system and network administration.  With those two skills,
> you'll always be able to find a job.  As for which systems: learn
> Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, *BSD, AIX (are you getting the idea?)...in
> other words, try to get as much experience all across the board as you
> can.  As for network administration: learn the basics of routing,
> ethernet, tcp/ip, DNS, DHCP, and in general how the Internet works.
> When you learn this, you'll be able to diagnose problems a lot better,
> even on the small scale.
> To get practice, I'd recommend setting up a network of computers in
> your home.  Get a top level domain name (i.e. *.com) and go from
> there.  Setup Apache to serve your pages, Qmail to do mail, get DSL or
> ISDN to be your internet connection (that usually provides DHCP and
> NAT), setup either filters on your router or setup a machine to be a
> firewall.  Will you run into problems?  Of course!  But if you don't
> run into them, you won't grow your knowledge base!
> Some websites I'd recommend reading:
> Sys admin: http://www.stokely.com/ (mainly Solaris stuff, but very
> informative)
> Networks: http://www.cisco.com/univercd/home/home.htm (lots of info on
> networks)
> Every UNIX guru should either have a copy or have read Evi Nemeth's
> book: UNIX System Administration Handbook, ISBN: 0131510517
> The 3rd edition will be out in June, ISBN: 0130206016
> --
> PC Drew
> Thus spake John Starkey on Saturday, April 08, 2000, 4:22:59 PM:
> JS> An idea for the group. 
> JS> How about some of you who are working in the fields, any as long as it's
> JS> linux or unix based computing, recommending the skills that you think us
> JS> wannabe's should work on obtaining in order to enter at say $35 - 40k/yr., 
> JS> which I've heard is definately possible.
> JS> Like as I've stated I wanna work on getting into the field in the next
> JS> year and I gotta teach myself for the most part. So what would you
> JS> guy/gals recommend I learn. If I had to work next to you on a project what
> JS> skills (in terms of languages and getting around the system) would you
> JS> want to see.
> JS> I've heard Python, Perl, and C++......
> JS> Anyone?????
> JS> John
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