[lug] Learnin Linux on yer own..... my own little RFC!!!

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Sat Apr 8 19:54:42 MDT 2000

Installing software via rpm or from source
Basic understanding of sendmail or other mta
Hacking a Makefile that isn't working
Techniques for securing a box
perl and shell scripting
c programming
setting up a machine from scratch (networking, printing, nfs, nis, etc.)
familiarity with hardware and how it affects the system
system tools to find out how a box is doing


John Starkey wrote:
> An idea for the group.
> How about some of you who are working in the fields, any as long as it's
> linux or unix based computing, recommending the skills that you think us
> wannabe's should work on obtaining in order to enter at say $35 - 40k/yr.,
> which I've heard is definately possible.
> Like as I've stated I wanna work on getting into the field in the next
> year and I gotta teach myself for the most part. So what would you
> guy/gals recommend I learn. If I had to work next to you on a project what
> skills (in terms of languages and getting around the system) would you
> want to see.
> I've heard Python, Perl, and C++......
> Anyone?????
> John

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