[lug] Idea for a new tutorial....maybe???

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Sat Apr 8 20:12:59 MDT 2000

> Hugh> and my shell finds ls in /bin and runs it.  If I had written a
> Hugh> program and named it ls and then put it in /home/hugh/bin and
> Hugh> put /home/hugh/bin ahead of /bin in the path then my version of
> Hugh> ls would be run instead of the system ls.
> um, i don't think so.  at least bash scans PATH in left-to-right
> order.  time to experiment!  yes, it seems to be left-to-right:

That's why I put the statement as a conditional, If I had written ...
and if I put /home/hugh/bin ahead of ....

> | set path=($path /new/path)
> but i don't get along with csh, so if your way works, so be it!  :)

I didn't test it.  I was just trying to remember off the top of my head

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