[lug] Learnin Linux on yer own..... my own little RFC!!!

PC Drew drewpc at colorado.edu
Sat Apr 8 20:18:11 MDT 2000

Thus spake John Starkey on Saturday, April 08, 2000, 6:36:13 PM:

JS> Good. This makes me feel better. I've got 4 boxes at home. 1 iMac (for
JS> art), RH6.1 box, FreeBSD, and since I suck at setting up printers I am
JS> using the 66MHz box as a printserver and I gotta use Winbloze since I will
JS> be using a Win-printer (although I do have a Lexmark 1000 that I can't
JS> get working with Linux, lack of time and knowledge (for now)).

The next question to ask is: How much do I really know about X? (X
being any given aspect of UNIX/Networking)  For instance:

JS> I'm serving ajstarkey.com from the linux box with apache.

Do you know how ajstarkey.com actually works?  Do you know about root
servers, MX records, zone files, etc.?  If you want to learn the ins
and outs, do the DNS yourself.  http://www.granitecanyon.com does
free, public DNS.  You have to setup everything yourself, but they
have help files.  Read man pages for dig and nslookup to find out more

JS> I ftp everything to/from Boulder when at my fiance's house. As well as run
JS> an anonftp for some friends that may need things. If I haven't set up an
JS> account for them.

Here's an exercise for the user: is ftp secure?  Does it use
encryption?  If not, what products out there do use encryption and
would they be better for your home network?  How about one-time
passwords in conjunction with FTP?  After all, this is your home
network, right?

JS> I won't have access to any of the non-free UNIX systems though.

Take a look at Solaris.  I happen to really like it, others may not.
You can get a free copy for your personal use from Sun: http://www.sun.com/software/solaris/binaries/

JS> Any suggestions on what positions I'd almost/qualify for. What is the
JS> general make-up of this group?? Is it mostly home users or pros. I've been
JS> a member for about 5 months and still haven't really gotten a feel for
JS> that. I know there's several .gov addys on here. 

I started out doing Solaris Sys Admin for the University Housing Dept.
 Then I got an internship at Level 3 Communications where I learned
 networking.  Now I'm at an ecommerce company doing Web stuff, Solaris
 sys admin, networking, etc.  I run linux on my laptop and develop
websites using Apache/PHP/mySQL in my free time.

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