[lug] Idea for a new tutorial....maybe???

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Sat Apr 8 20:17:40 MDT 2000

I lose points for lack of clarity.

The $ at the end of the screen on pine means the line continues on and
is not wrapping over to the next line.  So if you were to save the
message and open it with pico, you could scroll over and read it all.

John Starkey wrote:
> > So on my machine my path is
> >
> > /bin:/usr/local/bin:/etc:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/sbin:

> >
> > and my shell finds ls in /bin and runs it.  If I had written a program
> > and named it ls and then put it in /home/hugh/bin and put /home/hugh/bin
> > ahead of /bin in the path then my version of ls would be run instead of
> > the system ls.
> >
> Pine won't quote the whole PATH you listed, I assume because of the '$' at
> the end, (??). But you have /home/hugh/bin at the end of your PATH list
> and no entry for /bin/home/hugh/bin. Is there some precedence because of
> ~hugh being the user dir?? I'm grabbing.

The precedence is set by the order of the path.  What I was trying to
communicate was that if I had the path


and I had programs named ls in /home/hugh/bin and /bin then ls would be
run from /home/hugh/bin rather than from /bin.

If I had my path as


then the ls in /bin would be run instead of the one in /home/hugh/bin

Sorry for the muddled previous message.  Hopefully this one is a little


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