[lug] Idea for a new tutorial....maybe???

John Starkey jstarkey at polaris.umuc.edu
Sat Apr 8 19:50:45 MDT 2000

> i suppose my issue is primarily that i am used to a much more
> conversational quoting style (which i hope is what i use), not the
> "add four lines at the top, and just fire it off" approach.  

I usually do things this way when there's more than a few issues in the
message. I thought of it as a courtesy to not make someone scroll and get
caught up in strings of '>'. Whatever works though. I think I like this
way better anyway. 

>  John> Is it that much bandwidth?? 
> well, you added about 300 characters of new content to an existing 3kB
> message.  send that out to 400+ people, and you're talking a few
> megabytes.  *shrug*  not that much anymore, but again, i have the
> habit of assuming that anything quoted in a message is quoted there
> for a reason.

Good point. I wasn't thinking of the "forks" (hmmmm). Very good point.

> isn't that the entire *point* of the archives, to keep full copies of
> everything we send back and forth, so we *don't* have to keep on
> sending duplicates of everything?

Another good point.

> so it's not a huge deal, it's just (in my eyes) a matter of courtesy
> to other list members.  *shrug*

Yea, I completely understand and agree. But you do realize that yer killin
my 8 year old internet virtual ego!!!! Thanks. 
> t, awaiting the "yeah, and using non-standard capitalization is
> courteous" responses....  :)

Another good point:}


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