[lug] Learnin Linux on yer own..... my own little RFC!!!

John Starkey jstarkey at polaris.umuc.edu
Sat Apr 8 19:58:46 MDT 2000

Warning.... non-standard quoting ahead.... :}

On Sat, 8 Apr 2000, PC Drew wrote:

> Thus spake John Starkey on Saturday, April 08, 2000, 6:36:13 PM:
> JS> Good. This makes me feel better. I've got 4 boxes at home. 1 iMac (for
> JS> art), RH6.1 box, FreeBSD, and since I suck at setting up printers I am
> JS> using the 66MHz box as a printserver and I gotta use Winbloze since I will
> JS> be using a Win-printer (although I do have a Lexmark 1000 that I can't
> JS> get working with Linux, lack of time and knowledge (for now)).
> The next question to ask is: How much do I really know about X? (X
> being any given aspect of UNIX/Networking)  For instance:

Actually you'll probably see a reply to this in a couple of months.
Awaiting the next step:}. 

I started setting up DNS and I switched authority to my ISP's DNS. I have
them as a forwarder in named. With zones set for loopback, ajstarkey.com,
and the other 2 functional boxes I have. But I'm still not sure how it all
ties in. I'll use that link you sent. Thanks.

As for the rest of the suggestions...... [sigh!!!] Here we go.

Thanks again,


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