[lug] PPP question

Eric Weber Eric.Weber at math.tamu.edu
Sat Apr 8 21:09:28 MDT 2000

I recently upgraded by Debian box from 2.0 to 2.1.  After the upgrade I
noticed that my ppp connection would transmit packets every 30 seconds or
so, even when I wasn't doing anything.  My ppp log reveals:

Apr  8 21:20:45 pluto pppd[214]: sent [LCP EchoReq id=0x22
Apr  8 21:20:45 pluto pppd[214]: rcvd [LCP EchoRep id=0x22
Apr  8 21:21:15 pluto pppd[214]: sent [LCP EchoReq id=0x23
Apr  8 21:21:16 pluto pppd[214]: rcvd [LCP EchoRep id=0x23
Apr  8 21:21:45 pluto pppd[214]: sent [LCP EchoReq id=0x24
Apr  8 21:21:45 pluto pppd[214]: rcvd [LCP EchoRep id=0x24

etc.  I'm afraid I don't know what this is.  Is it harmless?  Is there a
way I could turn off this behavior?  Thanks.

Eric Weber
Department of Mathematics
Texas A&M University

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