[lug] need user/sendmail advice

Steven root at randall.peakpeak.com
Sun Apr 9 00:09:53 MDT 2000

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Hello Blug-list readers,
	From time to time I have sendmail (and fetchmail) running on my
computer. My question concerns my one non-root account not being able to
get mail. If root tries to send mail to this user, the result is 'User
unknown'. Yet, I first sent this letter to root as the user. So the user
account can send mail locally (at least to root) but cannot send mail out
or receive mail, 'relaying denied' and 'User unknown' are the results in
each respective case.
	My quick fix was to edit the aliases file so that root aliases
every account that this user normally would. I understand that this really
isn't necessary but it keeps fetchmail from complaining. But this
'solution' also keeps me log in as root way too much!
	I should confess that I did not modify the sendmail.cf (.mc) file
that was built when sendmail was installed. So is that where I goofed or
could this be a permissions problem? (someone suggested a permissions
problem with /var/spool/mail/'useraccount' or a poor configuration of
procmail...which I never thought to touch). Any ideas would be very
welcomed, and just in case it will help, we are dealing with a redhat
distro here.
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