[lug] Scripting PPP

Kyle Moore kmoore at trustamerica.com
Mon May 8 14:58:09 MDT 2000

I was doing further research on the issue...you brought up compelling
points. I happened across this document and it suggests that sudo would
be the best way because you have to have root privleges to start/stop
the session. Are you saying that you somehow found a way around the
setuid issue? If you have a minute, would you mind reading the bottom of
the page at this link and giving me your opinion? 

Much thanks.

Charles Morrison wrote:
> Personally, I would be more paraniod. I'd create a priviledged group that can
> connect using ppp0 and use a non-root user for the script. It wasn't too long
> ago, maybe still is with some distros, that this was about the only way I
> could use ppp without being root. I'm sure there were others, but It was how I
> did it.


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