[lug] newbie

edward westhead ewesthead at mho.com
Mon May 8 22:35:00 MDT 2000


After about 23 years of "micro-squash" I am returning to unix/linux.  
However, I have lost my vocabulary.  

I have a computer (PII 350Mhz) that was decently built up around Win 98,
but I hated the way it would crash (every other day?) and that Win 98
would do things to the system that I had no control over, nor wanted.  I
installed debian/ corel linux, not knowing the problems I would face. 

I love the control and speed offered by the new system, but I can't
(yet) use my USB scanner, or install WINE and other programs.

I figure that I can buy Win 98 and dual boot my system, or get a class
or tutor to help me get Linux to do what I want. 

Since the later improves my value and my mind, I am opting for that. 
Anybody out there up for a couple of hours of tutoring/ training.   What
I'm looking for is intro into how to operate  on the command line (BASH)
and what the vocabulary means in "english".   After that I would like a
intro into C and see how to rebuild my kernel for USB use.  I miss being
able to send photos to my family all around the country.

Thanks for you attention and help

ed westhead

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