[lug] Boulder Linux User's Group Meeting - May 11, 2000

Wayde Allen wallen at boulder.nist.gov
Tue May 9 08:51:09 MDT 2000

                       Linux User's Group Meeting

Where:   Auditorium, NIST Radio Building, 325 Broadway, Boulder
         (If you want to arrive early, join us at the Dark Horse for a
          bite to eat around 5:30 P.M.)

Time:    7:00 P.M.

Date:    May 11, 2000

Presentation:  Java and Linux

Speaker:  Greg Holling <gholling at rmi.net>


Java and Linux complement each other well.  Linux provides an 
excellent platform for the Java programming language, and both
provide cross-platform alternatives to the Microsoft juggernaut.
Greg will compare Java with other programming and scripting languages,
and discuss the available Java distributions for Linux.

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