[lug] StarOffice v. Corel Office

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I haven't used all features of either.  Word processing in Star Office (for
my purposes and learning curve) is easier in Star Office than in Word
Perfect.  The StarBase data base has very limited functionality (as I recall
it can't handle over five fields and is a nuisance).  I haven't yet
installed Paradox so I can't comment on how well it handles in comparison
but from the reviews apparently it's one of the better ones.  Another review
said that DB/2 is king of the hill when it comes to databases so I guess
I'll have to try it.  (I'm trying to sort ten fields and an estimated
100,000 records {by the time all data is entered, I've only got about 8,000
into PCFile} and several databases I've tried in DOS and Windows can't
handle that.)    I've only done a little with StarCalc and a little with
Quattro Pro.  I suspect that QP is far closer to being an
industrial-strength spreadsheet but my spreadsheet needs beyond Quicken are
trivial, so either is doing fine by me so far.  Star Office's internet
access seems fine, I haven't tried Corel's.  I haven't done anything with
any of the other features in either.
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> Anyone used both of these that can point to a clear winner as far as:
> 1. ease of use
> 2. stability
> 3. got the job done
> Thanks,
> Chris
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