[lug] StarOffice v. Corel Office

Charles Morrison cmorrison at info2000.net
Wed May 10 06:58:54 MDT 2000

On Tue, 09 May 2000, you wrote:
> Anyone used both of these that can point to a clear winner as far as:
> 1. ease of use
> 2. stability
> 3. got the job done

This really depends on your previous experience and the kinds of jobs you need
to get done. I've found that Star Office does most of what I need to get done.
Like all "works" kind of packages, it gives you most of what you need. For
advanced capabilities, you need the "real thing". 

I haven't used the Wordperfect suite all that much, I just got it a few weeks
ago, but so far I haven't crashed it. Quatro Pro is a very strong spreadsheet
that, if there was justice in the marketplace, should have trounced Excel long
ago. Presentations is  much nicer than Impress and WordPerfect, well, it's
still WordPerfect, only this time it's the Windoze version running under Linux
via WINE.  I always preferred WP over Word. The "reveal codes" function alone
should be enough to convince anyone. On the other hand, WP was the first word
processor I ever used, back in my DOS/wp4.2 days. I don't get nostalgic about
it, in fact I hated WordPerfect back then. But I do think that it is the best
tool for the job, if that job is fairly complex. Now that FrameMaker is
available for LInux however, that is changing.

Sorry, I'm rambling...
Chuck Morrison
VA Linux - Western Region
Sr Systems Engineer

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