[lug] OT: outlook replacement

Andrew Diederich andrew at NETdelivery.com
Wed May 10 16:02:18 MDT 2000

I've been authorized by my boss to start looking for an outlook replacement
for our users.  Yes, I know the proper answer is mutt (no, Pine!  No, elm,
with no ME patches!  Telnet to pop3!  Telnet to imap for added pain!) but I
really need something for Windows.

The true kicker is he'd like to have some calendaring embedded in the mail
client.  While outlook's (aka Microsoft Distributed Denial of Service)
calendaring is awful, it looks nice.  So the best way for me to head may be
to find some calendaring software and see if it sends email.  

I've taken a quick looks at Eudora and pegasus and Netscape, but they don't
have the calendaring bits.  I suspect the locals will want a non-html
calendar, so web solutions are probably out.  A mail client that does vCard
would be good.  Hmm.  Any ideas?


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